Moustache King Adventure


An adventure that's just for real men


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Moustache King Adventure is a platform adventure game led by a handsome young man with a big mustache who will have to confront a ton of different challenges to improve his mustache. All of this is done in order to become the Mustache Kind in Big Mustache City.

The game mechanics recall those of the 16-bit classics like Castlevania and Super Metroid. You'll have to run through different scenes in two dimensions as you advance with your hero and face dangers in the form of enemies and traps. Of course, as you advance, you'll be able to improve your mustache.

The basic game controls let you jump and land punches, which are your main actions. But you can also interact with different characters in the city, such as the merchants and the barbers, who will be the ones to touch up your mustache.

Moustache King Adventure is a fun action and adventure platform game with an interesting storyline. The reason being that you can try and confront the Mustache King from the beginning, even if your chances of vanquishing him are very slim at the start.
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